First Visit FAQs

First Visit FAQs

Am I going to be put on the spot as a visitor?
We invite you to come and just be yourself. You will be greeted warmly when you walk in the door, and after every service, there is an opportunity to meet others over coffee and snacks. You get to set the pace for when you are ready to get to know members of the congregation. And don’t worry—we won’t serenade you whilst wearing sombreros or single out visitors by asking you to stand up during worship.

Are kids welcome? Is there a daycare during the service?
We believe that children are a vital and vibrant part of our worship experience. Children and parents learn from each other as they encounter the love of Christ in community and hear the gospel message. Children are encouraged to be active participants in their worship experience, whether by serving as worship volunteers or learning about liturgy through supplemental materials provided in the Liturgy in a Box kits. We invite families to come as they are to worship—noise, crumbs, and all—and grow in their Christian faith together. We also have a staffed nursery Sunday mornings for those days when your child is Just. Not. Feeling. It. Today.

What should I wear?
Wear what you feel comfortable in. We have people attend church in shorts, jeans, boots, super hero costumes, dresses, and suits and ties. Come as you are. Maybe change out of your footie pajamas, though, unless you are a small child. They can still get away with wearing just about anything.

What happens at a typical worship service?
Worship at Good Shepherd follows a pattern as we celebrate the story of God’s love for all. Each week we take time to gather, listen to God’s Word, share a small meal of bread and wine or grape juice, and are sent out for service in the world.

How do I know what’s going to happen during the service?
If you attend our 9 AM contemporary service, everything we sing or say during worship will be displayed on the overhead screen for you. You’ll also be given a worship bulletin when you walk in that has more information. The music at our contemporary service is a cross between beautiful and heartfelt blues, rock, and bluegrass. If you attend our 11 AM traditional service, the bulletin will include everything we say during worship and will list the page numbers in the hymnals for the songs we will sing. The traditional service has a bell choir, gospel choir, and beautiful pipe organ music.

Will I have to sing in worship?
You are invited to join in singing when you feel comfortable, whether you have perfect pitch or couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. You are always welcome to listen to others sing as you listen to the music and contemplate the words being sung.

Do I have to put money in the offering plate?
You don’t have to give anything. Offering is a chance to give from your abundance. It’s a way to acknowledge the many gifts that God has given us. If you do share a gift, you can be sure it will be used for God’s work at Good Shepherd and in the greater community.

Do I have to be Lutheran to take communion?
At Good Shepherd we believe that all are welcome at God’s table. You don’t need to be a member, and you don’t even need to be Lutheran. The majority of people who attend Good Shepherd were not raised Lutheran.