Principles and Priorities

Principles and Priorities

Our Guiding Principles

When you see us at our best you will see us:

  • Living out the gospel in a Lutheran voice, to both comfort people with grace and challenge them to committed discipleship.
  • Speaking the gospel clearly both inside and outside the church in ways that make Christ’s light visible to those who hear.
  • Equipping people to claim and pursue God’s calling in their daily lives in ways that make a genuine difference in the world around them.
  • Caring for one another with genuine concern and intentional actions.
  • Creating sanctuary around word and sacraments to provide a safe place that embodies love for all people.
  • Listening for and including the often-excluded voices of people on the margins due to economics, race, sexual orientation, disabilities or other identities.
  • Pursuing both charity and justice as we seek to make life better in the world and care for creation.

Our Priorities

In our immediate future, the places where we will focus our time and resources to do God’s work include:

  • Developing a congregational way of working that improves how we set goals, monitor progress and assess outcomes.
  • Ministering to all people in the congregation to provide a base for supportive relationships, shared significance, and ongoing faith formation.
  • Assessment of our overall staffing needs and patterns in order to both optimize and increase our ministry staff.
  • Ministering to and with youth and families including expanded staffing to make this work more tangible and productive.
  • Expanded work among the poor and marginalized that results in both increased impact, justice and transformation and also stronger relationships with those we meet.
  • Evangelical outreach to reach new people with an eye toward both numerical and spiritual growth.